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British and Irish Canadian owned and operated!

Sean originally from BC Canada started his career in the cold lakes off Vancouver in 2003 and Donna from the North of England who moved to Turkey in 1999 as first an overseas holiday rep who fell in love with the underwater world.  Meeting Sean in The British Virgin Island in 2004.  Both with a passion for diving and travel. Starting out in land based operations throughout Europe, The Caribbean and Asia, to Liveaboard operations and cruise ship.  After the arrival of Casey (our daughter) in 2011 it was time to settle down and live our dream.  We chose Lanzarote the island of eternal spring.  Moving here in March 2014 we decided to purchase the shop after falling in love with the island.  This was the best decision we have ever made.  Lanzarote is now our home and we are all very settled here.  This island truly is the Caribbean of Europe.

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  • Donna
    Donna PADI Instructor, EFR Instructor

    Originally from County Durham, UK. I left the North Of England 20 years ago. Starting my career in Turkey as a Divemaster and progressing to PADI instructor rating.  Working land based operations throughout Europe, Asia and the Caribbean to liveaboard and cruise ships.  Travel is a passion which goes hand in hand with the dive industry.  I love to make new friends and have met many a character over my years teaching.

  • Sean
    Sean MSDT PADI Instructor, EFR Instructor, DSAT Gas Blender, Equipment TECH, Hyperbaric Chamber Operator

    Sean originally from BC Canada started his career in the cold lakes off Vancouver in 2003.  Selling his dry suit to pursue a career in the diving industry.  From Canada to Costa Rica and then onward to the British Virgin Islands.  After gaining vast knowledge in both teaching and boat handling skills it was time for a change to liveaboard diving operations.  Settling in Lanzarote in early 2014 with wife Donna and now 8 year old daughter Casey.

  • Ute Allart
    Ute Allart PADI Dive Master

    Ute Is from Belgium and speaking fluent in English, German and French.  Our resident Dive master.  Ute Joined us in 2014 we bought the shop and basically bought Ute.  Having dived in these waters from 2012 she knows the reef blind folded.  Shes our momma and big sister all rolled into one.  A true Credit to our team

  • Casey Chief Bubble Maker

    Casey Tierney,  Our Bubble Maker here at The Dive Shop Lanzarote.  At only 8 years old she’s the real Big Boss around here.  Speaking English, Spanish and learning German she will for sure put a big smile on your face.  She is also a shark specialist, in her free time she loves to you tube her favourite Ocean fish The Great White, that’s where she gets her attitude from.  Having just celebrated her 8th birthday she finally has a couple of dives down under, a natural. Watch out Playa Chica!

  • Lukas
    Lukas PADI MSDT

    Lukas is originally from Slovakia but has spent many years living in the UK and a couple of years in Australia.  A very professional instructor with 6 years in the Industry teaching.  At 34 years of age having knowledge within the recreational training levels and technical.  He is very patient and always adheres to training standards.  He is proving to be a very strong asset to us here at The Dive Shop Lanzarote.  Outside interests also include some free diving.

  • Emma PADI MSDT
    Emma PADI MSDT Dive Instructor

    Emma is our new Instructor to the team.  Emma’s birth place is Italy, speaking Fluent English, Italian and Spanish she brings 16 years experience with her.  A resident of Lanzarote for 2 years now she truly knows the underwater world here, and the fish by names.  She is also one of our eco guides for the Atlantico museum.  In her spare time she enjoys diving lol! her favourite being night diving and Dawn dives.  She seems to have a great memory of fish species and plant life, she is more than happy to share this information with you.