Dive Prices for Courses and Trips

Beginners Dives

Daily beginner dives available.  We offer Bubblemaker programs for 8/9 year olds, and Discover Scuba Diving for 10 years plus.  An afternoon fun experience that will for sure be a highlight of your holiday, fun for all the family!  We only dive in small groups (maximum of 4 with 1 instructor).  A fun introduction and a fantastic new experience!  Non divers are welcome to come along and soak up the rays on the beach (space permitting).

Duration Entry Level Price
Discover Snorkeling ½ Day 30 €
Discover Scuba ½ Day 60 €
incl. 1 Optional Dive Extra Dive BOTH 90€

Guided Dives

Guided dives daily, join us for 2 tank dives in the morning, we depart the shop at 9.00am and return normally at 1pm.  Or you can make 1 dive with us in the afternoon at 2pm.  We have many dive sites to choose from including Playa Chica (only 10 minute drive away) shore diving with over 10 sites, from shallow dives in only 6-10m of water to the top of reef at 18m reaching depths down to 42m+.  You will not be disappointed, with caves to explore and beautiful swim throughs, the whole area is abundant is marine life.  We also offer daily boat dives and trips up to Mala on the north of the island.

Tanks & Weights Tanks, Weights & Equipment
1 Dive 30 € 40 €
2 Dives (Morning) 60 € 76 €
4 Dive Pack 118 € 148 €
6 Dive Pack 172  216 
10 Dive Pack 256  320 

Rental Equipment

We have a full range of brand new Diving equipment for rent at the shop if you are not bringing your own gear with you, from fins all the way up to masks and everything in between.

Mask & Snorkel 5.00 €
Fins 5.00 €
Boots 5.00 €
BCD 7.00 €
Regulator 7.00 €
Wet Suit 7.00 €
Torch 6.00 €
Computer 5.00 €
Supplement for 1 on 1 guide 30.00 
Nitrox fill 32% 12/15 Litre Tank 5.00 €
Supplement for Boat 10.00 €